Garage sale will not open

Come on guys. I am just trying to make a living with a ebay store… I am not asking for a lot but After waiting for 13days for you to reply I have still heard nothing…

I now have a new problem. The revised version of the program I received from you was still freezing constantly. I decided to revert back to the newest version. The new version now does not allow me to open garage sale at all. If I click to open the program it has the little bar that says loading data then it does not open at all. It just sits with Memory size under the activity monitor rising. This means 1/2 of my ebay store will be shut down until it is resolved. I have tried time machining back to the prior version and I have tried downloading your sent file again. neither things work.

I cannot stress how import this is for me to get this figured out. Until you get back to me I have no way to manage roughly 1 million in paid for inventory.

I need your help extremely bad.

Last night I also tried a fresh restore of my computer to a time earlier in the day before we tried to update. This did not resolve the problem. It just sits there not responding and consuming more system memory until it uses all the system memory and OSX will give a warning to close a application because of lack of memory. It takes about 2 hours for it to consume all the memory on the computer.