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Got back from a three weeks holiday and was looking forward to uploading some listings on eBay, however I now get the warning " Garage Sale’s free pictures service des not support “Good Till’ Cancelled” listings anymore. “You can purchase the GTC image option in the preferences” etc. I see it’s an extra €29,99 for a year. However I read in this blog that there is a new Garage Sale 8 out now or out soon (from reading here it seems that it’s still a Beta version and that it is not working properly?) which includes the GTC image option in the price so I do not know what to do. Kristian could you please advice? I use GS 7.0.20 (856) latest version family licence, purchased January 2018. Thank you.

Hi Lu62,

GarageSale’s free image service never supported listings with the “Good Til Cancelled” duration option.

eBay no longer allows other duration options than “Good Til Cancelled” (GTC) for fixed-price items (Buy It Now)*. That’s why you can only select Good Til Cancelled in GarageSale for fixed-price items.

Since GarageSale’s free image service does not support GTC listings you need to get the additional “GTC image option” in order to keep using GarageSale’s image service
you switch to eBay’s picture service in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images.

*eBay says: “Fixed price listings are set to Good 'Til Cancelled duration by default.”

You can download the latest beta version of GarageSale 8 from the link below and give it a try. Just note that only with “GarageSale Pro” you can use GarageSale’s image service for GTC listings.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for your reply Kristian. I see the link to purchase the GTC image option is active in my Garage Sale 7.0.20 (856) so I will probably go ahead and purchase it, but, just to make sure that it will work, is my version of Garage Sale considered Pro? And if I then decide to upgrade to Garage Sale 8 at a later stage, will my purchase of the GTC image option through GS be refunded or deducted from the price of Garage Sale 8? Thank you.

Hi Lu62,

how about purchasing the GTC image option in GarageSale 7 for only one month for now?
Another way is to subscribe to GarageSale 8 Pro straight ahead (no need to purchase an upgrade license first).

Of course, you can also purchase the GTC image option in GarageSale 7 but this won’t convert it to “Pro”. “GarageSale Pro” is GarageSale 8 only.

Sorry, that’s not possible and would be way too complicated.
Again, if you want to stay with GarageSale 7 for now, feel free to purchase the GTC image option for e.g. 1 month only. Or save the money and subscribe to GarageSale Pro straight ahead :slight_smile:

Regards, Kristian

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