GarageSale 6.9 Beta 1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 6.9 Beta 1 is available for you to download from this URL:

What’s new in GarageSale 6.9

  • supports eBay’s “holiday returns” feature, which allows buyer to return items until after the holiday season
  • tweaked shipping panel’s international section to offer more ship-to destinations
  • fixed a problem with wrong thousands separator shown in currency text fields (. instead of ,)

System Requirements:

  • GarageSale 6.9 requires OS X 10.9 or later.


GarageSale 6.9 is free update for GarageSale 6 users.

Switching back to GarageSale 6.8.x:

The database format has changed from GarageSale 6.8.

Upon first launch, GarageSale 6.9 will convert your existing database to the new format. Older version of GarageSale aren’t able to read the new format and will refuse to launch.
If you experience problems with this beta version, you can switch back to using GarageSale 6.8.1 by opening the directory ~Library/Application Support/ and renaming the file “GarageSale_prior6.9b1.sqlite” to GarageSale.sqlite".

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Ilja on behalf of the whole GS team

Installed 6.9 beta, and it looks great… but can’t reset GTC images option

6.9 beta …Preferences/images is asking for Transaction ID or another purchase to continue with image hosting. In Sept we bought a year of GTC hosting for earlier version 6.8 Garage Sale but can’t find the Transaction ID number on iTunes receipt.

Anyone know where I can find this transaction ID number to reload it in preferences?


Randy K

Hi Randy,

That’s a though nut to crack, because the Mac App Store doesn’t provide us with enough information to restore your purchase.

If you want to keep using the off-App Store version offered directly by us, I suggest you request a refund for your GTC purchase from Apple. You should then re-purchase the GTC option directly from us again.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for the info… We received great advice also from Kristian and will work out the repurchase/ refund with apple store for GTC for another year.

This beta version is awesome and very much appreciate the new “design store” the templates available in the beta. Thank you so much for putting together a really great product.

Randy K

The design store has actually been there for years. We just don’t have it in the Mac App Store version, because Apple makes it so painful to add hundreds of In-App-Purchases to their system.

Hi Ilja,

Ooops…still having trouble with GTC. A few mins ago I ordered 1 year GTC in the preferences images tab on the 6.9 beta…now getting error message " An error occurred when trying to activate your GTC Image Option. Please contact support with your transaction id 9HFF6ZJF9RD****."

Was I supposed to order the GTC on a different site?



Below is the receipt for todays purchase:

Dear Randy Kras,

thank you
for purchasing from the iwascoding store. Your transaction ID is
9HFF6ZJF9RD****. Please print this message (or at least your
transaction ID) and keep it at a safe place. You find your invoice

If you have questions please send us an email with your transaction ID 9HFF6ZJF9RD****.

With best regards,
the iwascoding crew

Just checked with our records and from our your transaction looks just fine. We are on this and try to figure out what went wrong.

Hi Randy,

please contact our support directly and do not post your (private/secure) transaction ID in the public.

I have refunded your purchase as this transaction ID should not be used.


One bug to report. When reading messages, right clicking pops up an option to Delete Auction, and not Delete Message. 6.9b1.

Sorry, I cannot reproduce this. I only get an “Show Auction” item in the context menu when I right click on a message. Am I missing something?