GarageSale 7.0.10 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

The final version of GarageSale 7.0.10 is available for you to download from the URL below, or the built-in updater.

What’s new in GarageSale 7.0.10

  • when a design adds a link to your eBay store in your listing, that link is now an HTTPS link
  • the ‘Repair Image Links’ command now converts HTTP URL images to HTTPS, too
  • ‘Live’ mode prevents spam ads on eBay’s View Item page from opening external browsers
  • fixed a problem setting the zip code for calculated shipping via AppleScript
  • added an example AppleScript to change the BuyItNow price of the selected listings by a certain percentage
  • fixed an issue with the ‘Cross Stripes’ design that led to a display issue in Preview mode
  • URL-images imported using the ‘Import from My eBay’ command are now prefixed with HTTPS if they are stored on the eBay Picture Service (EPS)
  • reduced memory footprint when using the ‘Repair Image Links’ on a large number of listings
  • added a ‘Show Listing’ context menu command to the errors and warnings view when starting or verifying listings
  • when warnings are received from eBay, ‘Suggestions received’ is shown in the error view instead of ‘No problems found’
  • the ‘Add URL Image’ command will now warn if the added images does not exist or does not use HTTPS
  • before starting a listing on eBay, GarageSale will check if all url-based images are using HTTPs
  • changes to the category data loading mechanism
  • improved performance when writing to changes to disk
  • adds a workaround for an macOS 10.12.x bug, where no image thumbnail was visible we re-ordering images in Editor mode
  • crash fixes
  • various improvements to the ‘Add Image URL’ panel

System Requirements

  • GarageSale 7 requires OS X 10.10 or later

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Ilja on behalf of the iwascoding team


@ilja it seems I cannot update from GS, it says it’s the latest version (still .9).

Can you give it another try now?

Yes it works now!!!

Could you please post checksums of every release?
SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksum will be very useful for users, to verify the integrity of GarageSale downloads :blush:

Thank you very much

With the new version 7.0.10 I already met the bug which makes disappeared listings. That’s a huge worry because this time it happened during resisting MANUALLY (so it was not auto-relist). Looking for the listing in search mode shows a total empty listing that is no where (like in the other thread, if you click X the listing is not selected). Tried to double (cmd-D) exactly as I explained in the other thread, but this time it didn’t work. Look this video .

@ilja please let me know something… asap if possible, if I can downgrade to 7.0.9 without troubles. I spent months going through each listing one by one and I can’t afford to have again this problem. I already definitely gave up the auto-restart feature (hard choice…)… probably it happened after a crash, @ilja I sent you the file this afternoon. Please check it when you can.

I am really worried…

I forgot to say, I don’t try the “orphaned” option because it would find and put randomly in folder those “disappeared” listings that I have already recreated. Ilja if you want I can send you the file like the other time. Let me know

If you have a way to reproduce this error when re-listing, please let us know. Can you recall if you had the “move to other folder” option enabled when relisting?

Nothing that has to do with re-listing was changed with GS 7.0.10. You can go back to 7.0.9, but the you’d only get back of bunch of bugs that have been fixed with 7.0.10.

@ilja I can be very precise about what I was doing, but this problem appears totally randomly since I always did the same thing and it seems that on 6000 relisting this one was the only one to disappear again. So, I selected a folder that contained a lot of listings (all expired, all auto-relist on but actually not automatically relisted because update is off), selected all with cmd-a, modified some settings (one html code into the 5th info box, cmd-c + v), then activate the “offer” option, changed 30days to GTC, then relisted with the command in top bar under ••• . I went back and could check that the crash I sent you was not related to this “disappearance” but happened before while I was not relisting.
Besides there are no ways to notice this bug except one: relist, wait a bit, check ebay category (how many listings are inside), check GS folder (which scheme is the same of ebay shop’s categories) and see if the number is the same. As in the case shown in upper video, in ebay category there was one listing more. So, let’s check sub categories ebay-GS until you find the one with 1 listing less in GS. Then one buy one until you find that “disappeared”… I checked in this way 5600 listings :fearful: and found more than 100 disappeared.
@ilja does it make sense ??

Ah yes of course I can recall. The double option was disables and “move” was set to “trash”.

Just upgraded to 7.0.10, and now a footer saying “made on a Mac with GarageSale” is showing up in all of my templates. I can’t get rid of it.

When I go into Preferences/General to uncheck the box for “Include footer in item description”, that section is grayed out with a message “(not available in trial mode)”.

I’ve been using GarageSale 7 in regular, paid mode since 7/20/16, and just did a routine upgrade to 7.0.10.

How can I stop GarageSale from thinking I’m in Trial Mode, so I can once again change my footer preference?


Never mind, I think I’ve solved the problem. I just quit the Garage Sale app, then re-opened it and the problem went away!

many preference selection, dont become active till a program is closed an restarted…

Have you already upgraded to macOS 10.13.2, which solves a bug in earlier macOS 10.3 versions , where the system would reset application preferences at random?


no still on 10.2.6.

after my horriffic attempt to upgraphe to High Sierra when it first came out, that wiped my computer, i managed to get back to Sierra, and there I will stay till hell freezes over…

I am off upgrading systems ever again… EVER… (plus Apple has so many flaws in its Time Machine I am tempted to just bin that also)

regards, Sandy

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