GarageSale 7.0.21 not displaying Previews /OSX Catalina

This is really frustrating! GarageSale stopped working for me. No previews are being displayed, nor can I change the listing designs. All I get is “Generating Preview…” without ever actually generating a preview. Needless to say this applies to new and existing listings. Completely and utterly unusable!!
Shame on you!!!

Seems like I have come to the end of my life with GarageSale.

It might already help to refresh your token. To refresh your token, select your account in the GarageSale preferences>Accounts and click on “refresh token”.

Regards, Kristian

Sorry for not handling every possible error scenario perfectly, but shame on us because there is possibly on issue with the eBay token on your Mac is a little bit harsh, don’t you think? :thinking:

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I am expecting to get an error message at least if there is a problem with the eBay token. Or is this too much to ask for?

Sometimes I comes down to the way you ask.

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