Garagesale 7.0.4 - not showing orders, not updating orders in eBay


since the update of Garagesale to 7.x incl. the new design, I struggle with the UI as seller.

Most important it doesn’t update/transfer order state set within Garagesale to eBay. E.g. if I set the state to “Items paid”, eBay still shows the item as not paid!?

Secondly it does not show orders within Garagesale as long as the buyer hasn’t confirmed the order within eBay. Though the buyers contact me and set the status to “item paid” from their side. Garagesale still doesn’t show the order at all.

Both behaviours I didn’t experience with the past Garagesale versions. Any advice!?


I’ll sent you private message giving you instructions on how to diagnose the problem.

I have a similar/ same issue - both with the UI and the workflow:

  • Items simply don’t update
    number of bids, sold or not - all remain totally fixed on whatever status they were when I last left the application. The menu Order> Update All Orders does NOT update anything. Only the Update Listing Toolbar icon actually updates, and only for the highlit items

*Items do not move onto Smart Groups
An item Sold, yet when I go into the Orders Tab, I see nothing in the Default Groups - No ‘Waiting for Payment’ (the buyer has not yet paid)

No option to send a message
I’m getting no option to send the buyer a message - possibly due to the issues listed above - no updates, no smart groups - Does Garagesale even know the status of the item is Sold??

Very unhappy with this shiny new, yet overly complex update - not yet convinced its an upgrade



As one of my issue looks right now for me, orders for auctions are only shown once the buyer confirms the auction/buy (any state within eBay). Approx. a third of my buyers don’t do this and all these not confirmed auctions don’t show up within the garagesale orders!? But they still wanna buy the article.

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