GarageSale 7.0.5 Scrolling

Hi, I’m unable to scroll down in editor mode to amend text on either a new listing or previous listing from 7.0.4, this happens if i paste text, or add the text manually i dont have the option to scroll, the text is there but I’m unable to get to it. has any one else had this problem, it only seems to affect editor mode with convert styled text to html enabled.


Hi Paul,

what do you have selected in the “Description Conversion” menu? (below the description field)

Regards, Kristian

convert styled text to html. it was all fine in 7.0.4 just today after upgrading to 7.0.5

im also running OS X 10.12.1.

Hi Paul,

same problem here!

Best regards,


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Can you please check, if this version fixes the problem:

excellent all working! Thanks

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