GarageSale 7 (beta 15, 16, 17) BUG


I believe that when you guys fixed the issue of dragging from the Template Icon View section somehow, Holding Down SHIFT and selecting multiple while maintaining SHIFT held, stop working.

Holding down SHIFT to select a range of listings not longer works, I noticed it dating back to a least GS7 Beta 15.

Thank you.

Not sure this is a bug. It’s the default behavior provided by Apple’s grid view implementation. It seems they are no longer offering range selection by holding down the shift key. Instead Apple wants you to click and drag a net around the items you want to select. The same behavior is implemented in Apple’s Finder, which I assume uses the same grid view component under the hood.

On the other hand, Apple’s Photo’s app offers range selection by holding down the shift key.

I personally like the shift method more, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort to work around Apple’s implementation and keep that workaround updated if Apple’s should change it’s mind with the next operating system.


Those Apple Guys!