GarageSale 7 Bugs


1 - Whenever I open the application I keep getting a “Scheduled auctions are overdue.” popup window.
I’m ignoring it by clicking the “Cancel All” button but keeps recurring.

2- When closing the application I’m getting a “Listings are Being Uploaded” popup window.
I’m ignoring it by clicking the “Quit” button but keeps recurring.

Help, please.

Congrats on the new release.


Hello all,

Do I need to submit this request in a different way?
I see responses to a lot of other issues that were posted after this one; however, this one was totally ignore. It’s not a major issue, but it shouldn’t be ignore.

Thank you for the support.


you may have noticed that there was a bunch of posts here in the forum about the major GS7 upgrade. So your post just slips through. But as this is a very special bug with your database it should be the best when you contact our support directly.

Anyway, can you export your database, upload it to dropbox and send to me (privately)?

You can use the following link to upload it to my dropbox, too: