Garagesale 7 Ebay conflicts

For some reason I am getting numerous red flag warnings, A. for Not selecting product from Ebay Catalogue. B. Using a Business account that I am not using as a personal user. C. Postage Rates too high. D Paypal selection when it is set as my Preference. E. Non Returns.

Why suddenly all the numerous conflicts? Using the latest software in all cases.

I just replied to your follow-up through our support system.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian,
All OK now hopefully, what a nightmare its been. Cant believe all the changes, it used to be so straightforward.

Dear Kristian

I advertised two items within the Scheduler for 18:30 and 18:35, then received the message that they had not been listed. My iMac and Garagesale were both online at the time of Schedule. I then re-listed the Sale items only to discover that they were listed, so I had to delete dupes. So unfortunate that either eBay or Garagesale don’t appear to be talking to each other. All very disappointing.


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