GarageSale 7 - Events and Auto Verify - GS7 Beta 16

Can you make verification optional again?

I spent over two hours trying to list 2 Events 1 with 33 templates and the other with 34 templates.
For the life of me I couldn’t get GarageSale 7 to work.

I’m able to work around most issues but couldn’t figure out how to bypass validation.

In GarageSale 6 validation was an option and I always avoided it and never had issues in doing so, your new GarageSale 7 validation is really performing really slow.

In GarageSale 6 I used to list over 500 items in Event Groups of 60 templates every 7 minutes. I’m afraid to try it with this version so started with 67 items and it’s not looking good right now :frowning:

Listing in bulk is not fun. It took 25 minutes to do a Event (validation or verification) on 67 templates; however if I change the time or anything, it does the 25 minutes+ step all over again. Insane to say the list.

Help Please.

Verification should definitely be a lot faster. We’ll look into this.

I was able list all 67 at once I figured out the Workflow. It took plenty of trial and error.

I added the item to the even and sets the time to like 3 minutes from the time I added them.
The I as GS7 allow me (it gets really busy) Added 21 minutes to the start time, the using a timer, I waited.

The Schedule Event checkbox became enable in just under 20 minutes, about 19 mins and 40 seconds.

I was then able to check the Schedule Event box and everything but one was listed, that took a while but everything listed.

I know some improvement in the auto validation. I should be able to schedule the Event before waiting 20+ minutes.

I am guessing that if I have 100 listing on one even that application would crash.

Well I understand the trick now so I’m able to move on until you guys ultimately figure out a better way.

I’ll contact my internet provider, that could be a factor in the speed, too.

Thank You.

We fixed a few things with Beta 17. I’m getting a speed of 1-2secs per verified listing.