GarageSale 7 icons not showing

I just tried out the upgrade, Am I missing a preference to turn on preview icons? I have clicked on every button and nothing happens… no preview icons. I highly depend on the icon previews on prior GarageSale 6. Does 7 not have icons anymore? if not I will have to go back to 6. Please let me know how to turn the icons on. Do I need to regenerate the icons somehow? I did click on the Toggle Preview Setting under View menu but nothing happens. it that a bug?


GarageSale 7 still has an thumbnail image overview mode:
However, ror technical reasons the thumbnail overview is only available on OS X 10.11 and above.

Is there any chance you can update your system to 10.11 or better higher?

Regards, Kristian

I was avoiding 10.11 upgrade… due to my older programs will not work with it. Is that the only way? Why can’t they program for both systems in GarageSale 7. I have no image reference in 7. AND Ebay is giving me a Internal error to the application 10007 with GarageSale 6. I am assuming they are blocking GarageSale 6 from listing do to their new standards with https code in listings?

Can you guys add a fix in GS7 to show thumbnails? Really that’s unacceptable for an upgrade that I have to pay for. Who would pay for a program that does not work right. I am very disappointed about this. I will have to abandoned GarageSale and start using TurboLister if you can’t fix it. Let me know

The system UI component that GarageSale 7 uses to show the thumbnail view has severe performance issues on macOS 10.10, which render GarageSale unusable.

Sorry, we can’t fix it. The bug is an a system library by Apple in the specific version of macOS.

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