GarageSale 7 - Nice to have - Social Sharing/Marketting


With social media beings some important. How about giving us a way to publish new listing to our facebook, twitter, and pinterest feeds.

I think pinterest would probably help a lot of people with their sales. Images sharing is important when comes to selling.

Just a thought!
Maybe something that you guys could add towards the end of maybe offer as a premium option if it is too large of a change to the current implementation.

There are other social media channels that are helpful but pinterest, facebook, twitter are the most familiar ones

Thank you.

You can publish to facebook now through the ebay site. each listing top right corner.

Good luck doing that manual work for 1000+ listings.

I rather have an automated solution to it.

Yep…in that case i would totally agree. but using facebook would be rather pointless for mass uploads, it would certainly be considered spam…pinterest on the other hand is super.