GarageSale 7 not showing listing in Preview mode

As the title suggest Garagesale is not showing ant details at all in review mode, I have updated to the latest version but it still will not show anything in preview mode,

Hi Markb,

are you saying that your Preview mode is empty in beta 37? Does it happen with newly created listings, too?
What happens if you switch to Editor mode?

Regards, Kristian

We are having the same problem. We updated to 7.0 Beta 37 also and no fix. All images below without picture are the ones that don’t come up with preview mode. Editor mode and live listing mode work but not preview.

Is there anything logged from GarageSale to the Console utility (under /Applications/Utilities) when you try to preview a single listing? Or any other suspicious console output?

Also, did you perhaps update to OS X 10.11.5 today?

Yes, I did update to 10.11.5 today. Was that a bad move? Below are just the first two from that listing folder in preview mode.

No, I’m just guessing where this bug may come from as we didn’t change anything fundamental with the last few betas that could result in such a drastic problem.

Did you have a chance to check the Console, yet?

How do I check the console?

You open the Console utility (under /Applications/Utilities) and use the search box at the top right of the window to search for GarageSale.

Here is the bottom of the console search resolute. It’s 8 pages long.

This looks very bad. It seems that your database has lost many of its entries. Do you have a backup you could restore from? If so, they folder to restore would be Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7 (in your account’s home directory).

Can you recall what beta version you were using before upgrading to Beta 37 (I assume this issue happened with the current version)?

What back up? You don’t have a back up chose like Turbo Lister has. I switched over from TL because of this problem. So you are tell me that your program is not any better. At least on TL I was able to back up when ever I wanted. If you call exporting a back up it’s not. I have to do every folder by it’s self. Not just one back up but many. How did this happen? I’ve been up to date with my upgrades on GS. This problem started before the 7 beta 37. We upgraded think there was a fix. But there was no fix. What is going on…

How do I back up what I have now?

Okay it took me 1 and 1/2 hours to back up using export for all my folder and folders within. There has to be an easier way?

You got me completely wrong. I was not asking to back up your data now. Instead I was asking if you could restore the possibly corrupt GarageSale database (located on your hard drive at /Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7> with a backup copy from a point in time before the empty preview issue started.

Okay. I’m in my HD under the Library folder and I do not see the Containers folder?

You have to look under /Users//Library. Please not that this Library might be hidden by default, so you have to make it visible in the View options for your home directory.

Okay, I’m there. Now what do I do?

Do you have a backup of this folder, e.g. in Time Machine? If so, replace that folder with a backup from the time before the issue happened.