GarageSale 8.0 Beta 48 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8 Beta 48 is out and can be downloaded via the built-in updater or from this link:

What’s new in since the last release:

  • added code to further diagnose various reported problems

What’s new in GarageSale 8

  • drastic performance improvements for search, smart groups, reports, updating data from eBay
  • completely reworked design templates
  • database synching between Macs, more info available here
  • popovers can be detached and retain their position and size between sessions
  • maximum image size when using GarageSale’s image hosting is now 1600x1200
  • improved UI feedback when using multiple connections and launch interval options
  • bulk “search and replace”
  • adds support for ‘Dark Mode’ appearance on macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • added ‘days Remaining’ smart group rule to the listing section
  • added warning about upcoming GTC requirement for fixed price listings
  • revised selection behaviour, so items selected in the outline view get immediately selected in the overview (middle area of the window)
  • added a popup to the listing overview for quickly filtering items by state
  • colors for the listing state icons be be configured via General preferences
  • added option to launch control window for using multiple connections when communicating with eBay
  • GarageSale Pro subscribers can upload up to 50 images per listing when using GarageSale’s image service
  • users can print customisable packing slips and shipping labels from eBay orders
  • added minimum listing interval option to launch control window
  • implemented a work-around for broken drag and drop from Apple’s Photos application
  • size of thumbnail images can be changed in image overview mode and listing editor mode
  • when running macOS 10.13, a faster panel is used for importing images from Apple’s Photos app
  • Improved AppleScript
    • Added values for order transactions
    • Can now upload tracking number via AppleScript
  • Smart Groups can be sorted
  • more filter and table view options in My eBay import panel
    • filter by auction/BIN
    • added column sku and end date
  • support for file images in XML import
  • can set title/category from catalog product (product search popover)
  • added preference to show buyer’s eBay account name in orders outline view
  • users can manually share started listings via FaceBook/Twitter
  • added preference to display colored background in listing mode outline view
  • added “Create Invoice with GrandTotal” command
  • when using no design, updated HTML code used for displaying your images below your description
  • started working on new “Pull changes from eBay”, which let’s you import specific changes you made to your listings on eBay back into GarageSale (not done yet)
  • improvements to AppleScript execution speed
  • when exporting multi-item orders to GrandTotal for invoicing, the shipping cost should be correct
  • shipping service table column in shipping options panel is resizable
  • added advanced eBay preference to specify the attributes panel’s behaviour when specifics are empty (insert suggested, insert required, insert no attributes)
  • added support for ‘Continuity Camera’ feature on macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • added menu commands to cycle focus between different parts of the main window
  • shows buyer phone number to order inspector
  • -order section: buyer name and address are now a single field for easy copying
  • added “Show Main window” menu command in case you accidentally closed it
  • shows number of verified listings in Launch Control window
  • added AppleScript command (and example script) to remove images from listings
  • when adding new groups, name fields in outline view get selected for editing
  • added advanced eBay preference setting to only perform local verification in LaunchControl window (and prevent verification with eBay)
  • error message for eBay error 240 shows additional error reason, if sent by eBay
  • eBay Message templates: fixed [[totalPrice]] and [[shippingCost]] macros to include billing shipping cost instead of the private “actual shipping” cost field
  • re-added support for the ‘Private Listing’ flag
  • removed outdated buyer requirements no longer supported by the eBay API
  • added “Move Selected Items to” command to “Edit” and outline view context menu
  • user can choose between multiple default footer layouts in Preferences panel
  • GarageSale performs certain eBay data update operation (GetSellerList) on 4 concurrent connections
  • ‘Activity Viewer’ window opens automatically on startup, if it was left open before
  • moved SKU field to first tab of Listings inspector


System Requirements

  • GarageSale 8 requires OS X 10.12 or later

selecting about 600 listings with cmd+a in bulk view (images view, not list one) seems to take lots of time (30 seconds) with spinning ball running. Might this spindump help?

I still feel that if we could have some sort of countdown number when working on a large number of listings, it would help.

That way one could list 1000 listings and be confident that the process has not just hung.


Hello David,
how do you intend such a feature? A countdown of starting listings which starts one by one all listings?
From my point of view, there would be another way to implement launch control: a sort of list of error received during listing/revising. I mean, if I have to list or modify 600 listings and GS says there are 4 errors, as far as I know there is no way to filter those 600 listings and find immediately those 4 with errors. You have to scroll all launch control and then there is no way to retry listing/modify within the launch control. Moreover, you cannot copy title and paste into search field in order to find that listing and launch again the command. This is very time consuming and not practice at all. I have been thinking about this lack in launch control for a while.
Otherwise, if a list of error is not possible, launch control should be able to retry again on its own until error is resolved (if it is just a temporary error).
Anyway, I agree with you that something should be done with launch control, as it is now, it is not practice with large numbers…

Have a nice Sunday

HI Federico, I wasn’t aware that you were actually talking about launch control. My suggestion was more generic than that.

It seems to be a fact that selecting a large number of items in GS will set the beachball spinning. That in itself may be fine but there have been occasions where, after selecting a large number of items, the beachball “appears” to have locked GS for good and I have had to force quit GS. This is never a nice thing to do to an App but I need to continue using GS and I cant’t just sit around hoping the beachball will stop.

What I am suggesting is that instead of just leaving the user in the dark, some sort of progress meter/counter is displayed while the beachball is spinning. At least that way the user would know that something is still happening and it hasn’'t locked up.

Interestingly, OSX cannot talk to GS during this process and marks GS as “not responding”. Does this make my comment a bit clearer now?

GS Guys. Can you comment on my suggestion?


Of course, I thought you were referring to launch control countdown, so two different matters.
Yes selecting a large number makes the spinning ball running, but not that much here. I suppose it depends on the machine you are working on. For example, a situation like yours happens in my second mac (a middle 2010 iMac with SSD), much much slower than my first Mac (MacBook Pro mid 2015) were spinning ball for 1000 listings very rarely or never froze the app. Anyway a sort of progress bar (or countdown) would be very useful! Let’s hear what GS team says…

Concerning the other matter of launch control, maybe a new thread is better. Let’s see what @ilja thinks…

P.S. As we already wrote somewhere else, this behavior seems to be causes by “verification” processes which honesty make not that sense, if you only highlight listings…

As I have stated before, I would love an option to turn off ALL VERIFICATION.

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That would be a godsend!

I managed to take out of few seconds of this task. Please check with the next beta version, if you notice any improvements. However, loading and updating the user interface for a few thousand items will always come with a noticeable delay.

P.S. It seems your took the spindump at the wrong point in time. GarageSale is just mostly idling in the file you sent. :man_shrugging:

Hello Ilja

Yes, but highlighting 600 listings took 30 seconds, that’s quite long…

Uhm what do you mean? Did I start the spindump in the wrong moment? Do you need another one? I opened activity monitor, started the spindump process and then switched to GS and highlighted listings.

Seems likely. I think you only have 10 seconds after invoking the command to get to the beach ball in GarageSale. If you know you are getting the beach ball for 30 secs, it’s probably better to first trigger the beachball in GS, then invoke the spindump command.

You can also run spindump for a longer period of time using the Terminal:

sudo spindump GarageSale 120 -onlytarget -file ~/GarageSale-spindump.txt

No, I was able to reproduce from your description.

Thanks Ilja, next time I will first invoke the spinning ball and only then launch the spindump! Let’s see how it works in next beta…

Anyway, as David asked above, if GS is working on a large number of listings (let’s say 2000) and this is normal to take more time, why does spinning ball appear? I mean, if GS is only working, why is GS showed as not responding? Isn’t working with an implicit “countdown” and so not frozen?

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