GarageSale 8.1.2 Beta 2 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

beta 2 of GarageSale 8.1.2 is available for you to download and test from this link:

What’s new in GarageSale 8.1.2:

  • Car Parts: multiple found vehicles can be selected by holding the shift key, and added to a listing by double-clicking
  • Car Parts: compatible vehicles can be deleted from a listing
  • Smart Group editor: the property popup in the will be sorted by alphabet, when the option key is held down when the Smart Group editor is opened
  • performance improvements when using a large number of listings with the Auto-Cancel option
  • when generating a label with Endicia, the shipping carrier for the selected order is set to “USPS”

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team

The popup menu is NOT sorted alphabetically when I open the Smart Group editor window with the <option> key held down. Using macOS 10.15.6 (19G73). See photo below.

BUT… If I press the <option> key after the Smart Group editor window is open, the “+” buttons change to “…” buttons and seem to add “nested” operators when clicked??? I never noticed this before. Is this intended behavior? If so, it could make the Smart Groups much more powerful. See photo below.


I have to agree with @Neal. Holding down the option key has no effect on the list. T see no advantage for the “…” however. It adds random attributes with no pattern or guess to what it will add. The copy I have is 8.1.1(1233). As soon as I downloaded this beta I got notice that 8.1.1 had downloaded and wanted to open, to which I replied “later” so I could try the beta version. Was this intended behavior or just an update after the beta release?

Also the version number is “8.1.1b2 (1230)”.

Should be 8.1.2

I THINK the link above is to an old outdated version from June 15, 2020 at 9:55 AM


The link above gives me 8.1.1b2(1230). wrong link that’s why no alphabetical ordering

Sorry, everyone. The link was indeed the wrong one. Here is the version I was meaning to post:

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MUCH Better! :slight_smile:

Smart Group popup menu now sorts alphabetically with option key.


Nice improvement! Question, Could the beta versions have the file name, ex “8.1.2 b2 (1235)” on it so when dragging to the Applications folder it doesn’t overwrite a version already there?

OH… I don’t like that… :frowning:

I always just have just 1 GS app in my Applications folder and replace that so I’m always using the “latest” version…

The application icon and the icon in the dock DO have the version number on it.


I like being able to “back up” to a working version if the beta has a issue with out downloading an old copy from the server. I have GS7, GS 8.1, and the current beta version in my Apps.

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