GarageSale 8.2 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

the final version of GarageSale 8.2 is available for you to download and test from this link, or through the built-in updater:

What’s new in GS 8.2

  • improved performance when selecting (smart) groups with a large number of listings
  • improved performance when evaluating smart groups with large number of listings
  • improved performance when loading search results
  • improved performance when moving a larger number of items to the Trash
  • inspector is no longer limited to editing a maximum number of 5000 listings at the same time
  • fixed a crash when moving an item to the trash that had an invalid link to its parent group
  • fixed bug that could prevent a single order from appearing in a Report
  • Car Parts: multiple found vehicles can be selected by holding the shift key, and added to a listing by double-clicking
  • Car Parts: compatible vehicles can be deleted from a listing
  • Smart Group editor: the property popup in the will be sorted by alphabet, when the option key is held down when the Smart Group editor is opened
  • performance improvements when using a large number of listings with the Auto-Cancel option
  • when generating a label with Endicia, the shipping carrier for the selected order is set to “USPS”
  • smart groups containing rules for amount values (e.g. ‘buy it now price’ = 64.99) now work correctly
  • the ‘Add New Smart Group’ command from the ‘File’ menu is available even when outline view doesn’t have the keyboard focus
  • shipping options popover doesn’t forget current changes when being torn off
  • user comment field in Listings mode is searchable

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team


Will you explain this. When holding down the option key I can’t see any difference except the expected OS action of ‘…’ for nesting criteria.

Thanks, Steve

You have to hold down the option/alt key before opening the smart group settings.

Regards, Kristian


Runs smooth so far. Thanks for all the upgrades and continual improvements.


Thank you Kristian.
I am grateful for the wonderful support and the updates to constantly improve GS.
Glad to pay Pro Subscription even tho’ I have fewer than 100 listings.



Thank you for the efforts and the support, can’t wait to update! :star_struck:

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After the Upgrade I can’t upload images to the listings I’m creating right now, any tips?

Can you describe this more specific, please? Do you get any error messages?

Are you trying to add images to a prepared listing or
are you trying to revise a running listing/add additional images?

Regards, Kristian

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