GarageSale 8.3 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8.3 is available for you to download from this link:

What’s new in GarageSale 8.3

  • runs natively on Macs with new Apple Silicon chips
  • text snippet macros are now supported in the ‘condition description’ field
  • Bulk Search & Replace panel: added an ‘Exact search’ option for finding the exact search strings, including HTML tags. This option bypasses GarageSale’s search index and scans through the entire library using brute force, thus it’s a little slower than the regular search
  • icons for listings in the Main window outline view should reflect listing state changes more quickly
  • Shipping options panel: package weight can always be edited when ‘calculated shipping’ is used for either domestic or international shipping
  • category popover shows category tree version in sprocket menu when option key is held down
  • fixed a crash when updating incomplete local listings with data from eBay

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team

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Unable to launch after updating, on my Mac mini running 10.13.6

Installed it and after that, I was unable to open garage sale again. It crashes immediately

This version might, or might not fix the problem under 10.12 and 10.13. Any takers?

Yes that did launch (MacOS 10.13.6). Thank you!

However, the Search field in the toolbar is 1px wide…

(I can work with it only because I know what I’m expected to do once it’s selected :slight_smile: )

Update: also, it looks like the Update Listing button in the toolbar isn’t working? It remains a little circular arrow when clicked, and also when I manually select the menu item.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll release a version as is for everyone first, so build have at least something that doesn’t crash, and will try to come up with fixes for the toolbar problems shortly afterwards.

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My 8.3 has been running flawless for 12 hours. It has just relisted a batch of relists fine. running OS 10.15.7

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Here is a fixed version for people unable to launch GS 8.3. It’s not fixing the toolbar problems reported by @Vaguery, yet:

Could you please check if the search field issue is fixed for you with this version?

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It does, yes. Thanks again.

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However… all my Smart Groups seem to have vanished?

later no wait now they’re back (after restarting the app)


Please, don’t scare me. One heart attack per day is enough…

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Well fair warning: They actually did go away, somehow. Is there a keystroke I might have fumbled?

Not that I would know of. :scream_cat:

Well I did provide an IT Crowd style fix…

I had this EXACT same problem this morning!!! :cold_sweat:

When launching v8.3.1 for the first time…

ALL my Smart Groups were “closed” and EMPTY.

Just quit the app, and relaunched the app and they all came back!

Only happened once, the first time I launched 8.3.1, that I have noticed.

I just launched 8.3.2 a couple of times and Smart Groups are good.


The disappeared smart groups is NOT a new thing. It happened a few months back to me on an earlier version. And yes, the restart made them reappear so I didn’t report it.

Here is a version that might (or might not) fix the missing smart groups issue.

It fixes a timing issues while setting up the outline view during application startup, which might lead to the missing smart group issue. Not 100% sure though, since we could never reproduce the problem so far.