GarageSale 8.4.1 Crashing on Startup Mac OS X 10.15.7

The last time I used GarageSale a month or so ago, it worked fine. Since then, I don’t think that I have made any changes to my system but now, when I start GarageSale, I get to see the main window for a a fraction of a second before it crashes.

I have GarageSale 8.4.1 on a Mac Mini OS X Catalina 10.15.7 (the latest my Mac Mini supports).

I don’t know what other information I can provide.

Ebay made changes and 8.4.1 no longer works

And there is no update to fix this?

Upgrade to newest version 9.1. It needed rebuilt for the API

I upgraded only two years ago and now the application does not work?

I have been using GarageSale since about 2004 (the press kit says that iwascoding started in 2005 but the oldest version of GarageSale I have archived is v. 1.2.1 created on 15th December 2004 and the metadata for the photos from the first listing I created with GarageSale says 4th May 2004) and I have lost count of how many times I have paid for upgrades or full versions (and how much I have paid) when I probably didn’t need to and now I am being forced to upgrade?

It makes me wonder how the date cutoffs for free upgrades are determined because in almost 20 years, I have never received one.

Anyway, I am wondering if it is worth persevering with GarageSale as I have listed fewer than 200 items since 2004 - an average of not even one per month. I was going to list a few things next week but I will be looking into what other options are available.

The cutoff date for free updates for GarageSale 9 is August 1st, 2021, so people who bought GS 8 within roughly 6 months before the release don’t need to pay twice in a row.

That leaves people who bought GS 8 shortly after it’s release out in the cold, but having bought the update for GS 8 for 20 bucks two years ago is still a pretty good deal (~0.80$ / month), don’t you think?

I said I wondered how free upgrade cutoff dates were determined not when but also said that despite having paid for upgrades and full versions for 18 years, I have never received a free upgrade.

And as a casual user who has probably only used GarageSale 15-20 times in the past two years, no, personally, I don’t think that’s a good deal for me.

By the way, when you ask about a good deal, what does the upgrade do for me that version 8.4.1 didn’t do?*

That’s what used to be the criterion used when thinking about upgrades. I don’t remember ANY significant feature additions since I started using this application - probably because I never used them. The listing I last produced looked pretty much exactly the same as the ones I used in 2004 and the text editing was just as buggy. When I contacted the developer using the old Yahoo group, I was basically told that I was corrupting the HTML somehow even though I was pasting plain text. That’s another matter but the development of this application seems to be more focused on business users and seems to have done little for everyday folk selling their stuff - just like eBay, in fact.

*Apart from actually working!

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