GarageSale 8.4 Alpha 5 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

an alpha release (a very early development release for preview) of the the upcoming GarageSale 8.4 is available for you from this address:

What’s new in this pre-release

  • text entered in the “user properties” area of the inspector is now searchable
  • new smart group rule for searching “user properties” content.

This changes allow users to group similar listings using the same user property entry, and use smart groups to keep track of such item groups.

General Notes about GarageSale 8.4

GarageSale 8.4 will be the first GarageSale version that support eBay’s new authorization method (OAuth), which is required to access any of the new APIs that eBay recently released (e.g. getting managed payment status, sending offers to watchers, attaching videos to listings).

Once you refreshed your eBay access token in GarageSale 8.4 from the Accounts section of the Preferences window, GarageSale will be able to ask eBay, if your account has managed payments enabled. If so, it won’t nag you to select a payment method or payment profile anymore.

If you are switching back to GarageSale 8.3.6, after having refreshed your token in GarageSale 8.4, you’ll will need to refresh your token in GS 8.3 once again.

What’s new in GarageSale 8.4

  • GarageSale no longer prompts for choosing a payment method if “Managed Payments” is activated for your eBay account (requires OAuth token, see above)
  • If you are using profiles for shipping or returns, GarageSale will no longer prompt you to select a Payment profile (requires OAuth token, see above)
  • Order section: New context menu entries in the order outline view to change order state (e.g. “shipped”) for selected orders
  • GarageSale will prevent you from starting auction-style listings, when the auto-cancel feature is enabled
  • Attributes window: enabled ‘autocompletes’ option for certain attributes (e.g. ‘Artist’ attribute in LP/Records section)
  • Synching: re-worked conflict algorithm to reduce the number of times the Conflict window appears
  • added AppleScript command to manipulate shipping weights
  • various crash fixes

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team

Hi Ilja,

v8.3.6 is working GREAT on my new 24" M1 iMac!! It looks like v8.4 is well under way… :slight_smile:

Can you add a “## Images” legend at the bottom of the Image pane in Editor mode (just to the left of the add/remove image buttons) showing a count of the number of images?

Can you allow the Reveal Original command on selected items in middle pane? Since they may have come from a Smart Group.

In the Editor Mode Image pane, can you allow the Edit menu to Cut images? Just like Copy, and then Delete.

Can you add the red “count” badge to the listing outline pane drag-and-drop, when start dragging with more than one listing?
When a drag-and-drop of multiple listings from the listing pane is started can you add a red “count” badge to the drag showing the number of items that will be dragged??? This is what the Finder does. Many times I mistakenly have multiple items selected when I start a drag-and-drop and do not realize it until after I drop a bunch of unwanted listings. Then, I can not undo the drag… If starting the drag showed the red badge, then at least I could “cancel” the drag, before dropping too many items. Or is this a behavior that is completely controlled by the listing pane/panel Outline View???

Thanx a bunch!!

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Consider these two done.

These two are more complicated because of internal design restrictions. I created tickets for them so they aren’t forgotten.

Checkmark is on wrong menu item, or I think “Items shipped” and “Items paid” menu item text is swapped.


Great! I’ll start using them today! :wink:

Ah… Which two???

The “Reveal Original” shows up in both quotes…


Starting with GS v8.4, when I “Start” a listing and it switches to Live Listing mode, is shows the generic eBay “We looked everywhere.” page. Happens every time. v8.3 showed the correct listing page. If I click on another listing and click back, both sow the correct listing pages.


On Safari:

Click on another listing and click back:

Sorry, I messed up my quotations. Cutting images and drag counter badge are the harder ones.

I don’t think we changed anything on our end. Maybe eBay sometimes needs a little longer to generate an entry for listing on the web page, and you get a 404 page while they are still processing your new listing? :thinking:

Something related to the new authentication method???

Actually, I would be happy if it just stayed in Editor Mode and did not switch to Live Mode when Starting listings… :wink:



I am with you on this one Neal.

YES I find I am often still editing or sorting listings for later launch when the launcher takes control and shifts focus to the last launched item. I’d be happy if it were something I could invoke, as in “View Last Launched Item

Well… Even waiting a few/several seconds and then doing a control-click and Reload still gets the “We looked everywhere.” page. But, even quickly (command-1,command-3) changing to Editor mode and back to Live mode then shows the correct page. So I think the initial Live view display, right after a Start listing, is not asking for/receiving the correct listing.


Please give 8.4 alpha 8 a try. It might resolve that problem.

Yes, Fixed. 8.4a8 no longer gets the “We looked everywhere.” page when Starting a listing. It shows the correct listing page.


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