GarageSale 9.0 Beta 19 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

Beta 19 of GarageSale 9 is available for you to download from the link below:

What’s new in Beta 19

  • a listing’s category and store category ids can be accessed via JavaScript
  • added more logging to diagnose token issues
  • fixed quirks in payment process

What’s new in GarageSale 9

  • added support for eBay’s new API to download attribute and category data, as some of the attribute APIs will be shutdown by eBay on April, 20th
  • users can attach videos to eBay listings
  • support for eBay’s “Send Offer to Watches” feature lets you send offers to watchers in bulk
  • [users can manipulate their eBay listings using custom JavaScript scripts] (Running Scripts)
  • [users can hook their own JavaScript rules into GarageSale’s Launch Control window to have their listings validated before uploading them to eBay] (Validating scripts when launching listings)
  • downloads and displays fee for usage of eBay’s payment service
  • you can now import items from GarageSale Scout, GarageSale’s iOS companion app, as inventory items
  • messages received eBay’s messages system can be flagged
  • part fitment information for vehicles is imported when the “Import from My eBay” command is used to import listings
  • added an SKU generator function for listings and inventory objects
  • the font size of used in the right-hand outline view can be adjusted through the “Side icon size” setting" in the macOS General System Preferences
  • right-hand inspector’s width can be changed
  • you can assign colored tags to your listings and orders, and filter for these tags using smart groups
  • the main window toolbar is now customizable
  • XML import works for design properties representing colors
  • Orders section: the listing table row height now depends on the setting of the ‘Sidebar icon size’ settings in the macOS General preferences
  • the ‘Move Selection To’ command now moves groups selected in the outline view, instead of the group’s content
  • GarageSale downloads images for orders if the listing for the order, and thus an image for the order, is not in GarageSale’s library
  • Orders section: added context menu item to change sort order for subsequent sort commands
  • added a new Preference settings that optionally brings up panel for inserting specific attributes into new listings
  • a listing’s variations can be manipulated via AppleScript
  • the ‘read’ state of eBay messages is now transmitted to eBay
  • reports: added ‘Total fee’
  • reports: shipping costs are no longer added to profits if you didn’t fill in ‘actual shipping costs’
  • added count badge when dragging items in outline view
  • image upload operations show the name of associated listing in the ‘Activity’ window
  • Listing section: shipping options strings shows dimensions and weight when calculated shipping is used
  • GarageSale will show a warning when you are trying to open 10 or more listing links in your browser
  • Orders section: replaced “Feedback Left” checkbox with “Leave Feedback” button, when no feedback was left yet
  • Listing preview: return policy label updates correctly when return policy changed

Running GS 9 and switching back to GS 8

Since GarageSale 9 uses a different application identifier, you’ll need to grant it access to each eBay token in your Mac’s keychain. When the system displays such a permission panel, please click the ‘Always Allow’ button if available.

GarageSale 9 will copy all your data from GarageSale 7 or 8 into its own library folder. In case you are encountering problems you can always switch back to GS 7/8 and continue were you left off before switching to GS9.
You’d need to use the GarageSale’s import/export functions to bring back listings changed or created with GS9 into your earlier version of GarageSale.


GarageSale 9 uses a different data schema compared to previous versions. When GarageSale 9 connects to the sync server for the first time, your account is upgraded to this new schema version.
Afterwards, earlier version of GarageSale can longer connect to the sync server.


The costs for upgrading from an earlier version of GarageSale to version 9 are USD/EUR 19.99 for the single user license. If you purchased your license for GarageSale 8 after August 1st, 2021, your upgrade will be free.

GarageSale Pro subscribers don’t need to pay any upgrade fees to use GS 9.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or later

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