GarageSale and eBay Seller Hub questions

My eBay selling experience has been limited up till now. Having now started doing more auctions, and been “forced” into using the eBay Seller Hub and eBay payments, I’m wondering what issues, if any, I need to be aware of if I’m creating auctions using GarageSale and then handling auction management, shipping, and payments through the eBay Seller Hub. Are there any “gotcha’s” I need to be aware of?

Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.


Been on ebay payments since Aug 2020. Seamless but fees are the same or higher than PayPal…not lower as eBay promised/suggested that may happen. The early problem of the customer often getting their item 2 days before money is released to me seems to be resolved well. I cant think of any issues with GS.

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Thanks very much for that Richard. Exactly the kind of information I was looking for.


No major issues for me, either.

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Hi Tom,

I also started using eBay Managed Payments in August 2020.

No issues for me either.

That is exactly what I do.

I use GarageSale all day, every day.
I could not run my business without it!


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Perfect. Just what I hoped to hear. Thanks David and Neal!

And the fact that I can list up to 250,000 items without a listing fee is a real bonus for me.

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I think Ebay played a sleight of hand on the fees, Richard. I also expected lower fees.


I have been in managed payment too and actually I only experienced one issue with GS. Since fees are now collected when the payment is processed through eBay, if a customer pays with other methods like bank transfer, I have to manually mark the order as paid and then as shipped in GS. In this situation, eBay doesn’t get the update and the order remains as not paid and/or (occasionally) shipped when I tick the box in GS order panel. I noticed this because I set the automatic release of the feedback in eBay preferences (when order is paid and positive feedback received). Many customers actually didn’t receive my feedbacks in reply to their ones because the order appeared to be not paid in eBay, although I ticked the “paid” field in the GS order panel. It’s like GS doesn’t send the “paid” information to eBay, only the “shipped” one.
Apart this, the only other matter about managed payment is the fraud of fees. I made calculation and there is not actually advantages for sellers. eBay fee was previously 8,7% + VAT, now it is 11% + VAT. Moreover, eBay charges you the so called “international fee”, which is nothing else than PayPal fees difference between transactions from other foreign countries (just as example, I previously paid a bit less than 5,5% to PayPal for US orders, now I pay +3% as “international fee” and + 2,3% as higher eBay fees = no advantages at all). The situation is very sad… but eBay monopoly brings us seller to accept also this fraud and go one…

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