GarageSale Apple Silicon

Not sure if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find any reference anywhere.

Will GS be made to work with Apple Silicon? It will be a major deciding factor on my purchasing a new MacBook Pro!

Many thanks

The current version of GarageSale, even though not compiled for Apple’s ARM CPU, runs nicely on the ARM preview Mac we bought from Apple earlier this year (through Apple’s emulation layer).

We plan to ship a version of GarageSale, which is compiled for Apple ARM CPUs, so it runs without emulation, as soon as possible.

Right now, the provider of the library we are using for crash analysis is dragging its feet. :slightly_frowning_face:


This is great to hear, thank you! I look forward to the developments, and will be ordering a Macbook Air M1 in due course :slight_smile:

We have a version of GarageSale running natively on Apple’s ARM CPU, and will probably release it next week.

Since these new Macs have the highest single core performance of any Macs released, GarageSale should really benefit from running on these machines. Populating the UI can only done on the Main Thread, and this is where most of GarageSale’s beach balling is originating from.


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