GarageSale authorization


today I bought the current version of GarageSale and installed it via App Store.

After installation I tried to autorize with the ebay Server but the “autorize button” was deacivated. During installation and later in Preferences as well.

Any idea?


Hi Pelgner,

This is a known issue caused by Apple’s latest OS X update. The issue is fixed in the latest version of GarageSale.
However, Apple hasn’t released the new GarageSale update so far that’s why you’re probably still using an older version. Apple should release it soon, hopefully.

Please see our blog posts about that problem here:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for your answer. Can I download GS from your website and install it on my Mac, although I already bought and installed it via App Store?

Hi pelgner,

the GarageSale update with the fix is available in the Mac App Store as far as I can tell.
So you could simply update your version through the MAS.

However, to answer your question, this post might be helpful for you:

Regards, Kristian