GarageSale caused the Mac to crash and now will not load

I am currently using the most up to version of GarageSale. GarageSale, over several days has started causing my iMac to freeze totally and become unusable, forcing me to have to restart the Mac. Luckily every other time the data base for the programs seems to be ok when booting the Mac up again, and I can go on as normal. This time though GarageSale has become totally unresponsive, and the only items available are limited menus and the library is not displayed at all. I fear that the library has become corrupted as when I moved the folders from the Container folder, same as if you were moving the data to a new Mac. I was able to create a refresh library, as though I had installed the program for the first time. I moved the files back and overwrite the new folders, back to how it was with no library. I am in the middle of making over 2500 new listings, which I have been doing for several days. I need to sort this quick because I need the program to earn a living!

Any help from anyone whom has experienced a similar issue and knows a fix, your help would be much appreciated. I do heavily rely on GarageSale to keep track of new, existing listings, and use regular to make revisions. If its all lost its going to be a nightmare.

Thanks in advance.

@Ricky_Rogers with freeze do you mean that you can move mouse but you can do nothing (no bottom app bar, no move windows, nothing at all…) and also clock stops at a certain time and does not go on? In this case I had (have) the same problem, sometimes my Imac totally freeze but I am totally sure it does not depend on GS, make sure you don’t have too many USB or similar… and your machine is not too old…
Every time I had to force the restart, never had problem with GS library. In my opinion you should replace from backup… and do not touch folder in library! Or, if you just started using the app and you don’t have listings, use app cleaner, delete all and reinstall…

The freeze starts off with the beachball, then the mouse stops moving. The GarageSale app shows as being open, but the library isn’t displaying. I have a year old iMac and do not have a TimeMachine backup, or do you mean a back up on the Container folder? I can go along the top menu bar as though its open, and I can go to options like preferences and opens, but no window. Its a pain because I have currently got 5200 items active and new in the program. I am wondering if trying to access so much data at once is causing any issues. I have already tried the uninstall, but not app cleaner.

Ok this freeze is different from mine, I thought it was the same since you said

Concerning this…

I think this may be a serious problem for your data… but if you have a backup of the Container folder maybe it will be possible to do something. I suppose you already tried to restart/force quit of GS…? Just wait for the expert, I thought you had my same freeze problem… if I can give you an advice, keep always at least one running backup.

After some investigating it seems to be an issue with a files in the ‘GarageSale.leveldb’ folder. It looks like the .log file is missing as well as the manifest, which making the library inaccessible. Probably a result of the program being abruptly forced to close without saving. I have tried various methods to get this to work again. It not GS not working as I moved the ‘com.iwascoding.garagesale7’ folder to a safe place, which is untouched, and opened GS which created a new ‘com.iwascoding.garagesale7’. It’s the busiest time of the year on eBay, and I can not list my items. I have paid for a licence, and to be honest very dissatisfied. The program is full of bugs that are constantly causing issue where the program crashes, or I lose a large chunk of work. It seems very unstable. I am using the latest version of the software ‘7.0.5. Beta 3 (782)’, and a new iMac with plenty of memory. After 3 hours of messing about I am no further forward and can not find any answers online, or in the forum. I am desperate for a solution.

Hello? I can see an expert is active, but no answer to my enquiry…

Sorry to hear that GarageSale is giving you so much trouble. If your database in GarageSale indeed become corrupted, there is not you can do but start from scratch with an empty library.

This is the first time that we’ve heard that GarageSale’s database couldn’t be opened after crash. During development we usually kill the application several times a day without a proper shutdown procedure, and we never experienced this in the past 2-3 years.

Maybe your database is still intact, but the file system on your hard disk become inconsistent? Did you try the “Repair” command in Apple’s disk utility?

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