GarageSale changing fonts and bullet points

I’ve noticed a minor glitch with Garage Sale that has been present since an earlier version of the program. I am currently using version 7.0.3
For some reason when I change the listing font it will revert back to the previous font making it so that I have to change it multiple times before it will stick.
I have also experienced issues with the bulleted lists where the space between each one is not uniform, but if I try to remove the bullets and reapply them it will copy all of the text and paste it in between the list.

Hopefully this will make it on the list of things to straighten out in the next version! Thanks for all the help!

@Julia_Borchers bugs with formatting are there since the beginning and are several (yours are only some of them that I daily find), I reported them several times but I suppose it was not possible to find a solution. We will have to change grey-black color or resize or adjust space between lines every time…

I wonder if this will make their list of things to fix before the next update. It makes creating listings much more time consuming. It’s not too encouraging to hear that this is an ongoing problem. Have you found any way to reduce the frequency of these errors?

Hello Julia,
well, I am always impartial and I say what’s amazing and what’s less in this app as in all the rest I use. In my opinion, text formatting problems are surely annoying but there are so better features that of course they make the use better than any other and I can close an eye for these bugs. Unfortunately I do not have a complete response for your question, but I tried to find a way to reduce the impact of these bugs. First, it depends on what you sell; I have some models in which I just modify less words as possible (title + price + very little in description). On the other hand, if I have to write long descriptions, I try to collect much patience as possible and… I do, although color becomes grey, apostrophe remove bold, font dimension reduces, space between lines changes… I suggest that you create some models in order to change as less words as possible in description… but of course I repeat, it depends on your needs.

I hope this could help

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