GarageSale database on Network (iCloud-type) hard drive?

Can the GS 6 database be placed on a networked/iCloud type hard drive so that I can access it from different physical locations via the Internet? If GS6 doesn’t support that, does GS7 support it? I’m not looking to synchronize between two computers, I want ONE database accessible through web access so that I can create new listings at home or my business location. BTW, I would only use one Mac at a time no matter which location I am in. Alternatively, could the entire GS folder (including the application) be placed and run from a networked iCloud-type drive?

That would be cool! I feel tethered to this one computer because of GS7.

We have to lug my computer and 32" monitor with us when we do road trips, and it is so monumentally inconvenient!

ANY method to allow use of GarageSale on a laptop or iPad when needed would be such a relief!

Hi tomwayne1,

as far as I know some users in this user forum already tried to use dropbox to sync their GS6 database.
However, we don’t recommend doing it - it could damage your GarageSale damage so please be careful.

We’re working on a snyc feature for GarageSale 7 but please give us some more time. Implementing such a feature requires a lot of time and man power.

Regards, Kristian

Any idea how long before there is a sync feature available?

I don’t want to sync two GS6 databases. I would like to put the application and/or the database on a network (iCloud-based) drive so that I can run the program from two different locations (but not simultaneously) and access the same database no matter where I use the application from.

So… TWO locations, ONE database that is shared. Syncing is NOT involved as I am not trying to keep two separate databases in sync with each other.

I know that if I was on the same local network, I could use the SHARE feature, But, I want to access the one database through the internet.


As far as I can tell that’s not doable since the GarageSale database needs to be located on your local hard drive in the user Library.

Regards, Kristian

I am thinking of adding another laptop and another person to help me create more listings faster. Where do I find this SHARE feature? How does it work? I’d want to combine the 2 databases and alphabetize the list before uploading it…

Sadly no solutions, I still do it and we have 2 different database, the only thing you can do is exporting the active listings from one and importing into the other. for now, no syncing…

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