Garagesale has decided to stop working

Dear GarageSale support,
getting more complex with time!
I use Garage sale 6.7
I use os x 10.8.5
I use Firefox 37.0.2
I am getting an error, A network error occurred while trying to connect to the eBay server. Please check your internet connection and try again.
I downloaded your new version which will not operate on OX 10.8.5 but says it will with os x Yosemite (10.9 or later).
I do not wish to use os x Yosemite.
I cannot get an upgrade license as you suggest (
To get the upgrade license select ‘Buy License’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale 6. This opens the built-in store. ) as that option is grayed out so I assume I have it.
What next? A refund for faulty goods or a fix?
It appears an upgrade to Garage sale 6.9.4 is in order so how exactly if the upgraded downloaded version won’t work with OX 10.8.5 and the option to ‘buy License’ won’t work either, nor will token refresh???
Your ‘quick fix’ doesn’t fix either.
And to think I found E-bays Turbo lister a worry!!! At least it was free…expected more from these people. TODAY 15-05-15

Had a reply from support to say I have to upgrade to Apples Yosemite (have you seen the reviews for this OS!!!). Think perhaps Garagesale are working for Apple now…poor showing folks.

Sorry, Apple introduced a bug with the April security updates for OS X 10.8 and 10.9, that prevents the operating system from setup a secure connection to the eBay server. Here is a guide on how to get around this: