GarageSale iPad App 2.1 (63) https warning error

I recently purchased the GarageSale iPad app, now I am getting the https error warning when I list, and a warning notification from eBay on about 20 listings.

How do I fix it and prevent this issue from recurring?



sorry, we pulled GarageSale from the iOS App Store as is not compliant with eBay’s latests link requirements (no picture links, only https pics). You can try to get a refund from Apple.

The reason for no longer supporting the iPad app is, that the support and the ever changing eBay ecosystem is too much work fot such a small and inexpensive app.


You guys suck balls big time - actually that’s rude - your idea of not supporting or fixing an app I paid money for sucks balls.

Also at $12.99 it was actually the most expensive app I’ve ever bought. Not a cheap or inexpensive app.

Now how the hell do I fix my listings so they don’t get pulled?

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