GarageSale listings "missing" pictures on eBay mobile app

Hi all,

I was viewing my listings in the latest version of the eBay mobile app on my iPad today and noticed that only my gallery image was showing up. The rest of the images do show up in the description area, but are hidden unless you tap the tiny Read More link in the description. The most troubling part is that the gallery image at the top of the mobile listing has a “1 of 1” label in the upper right corner of the image making it appear that the listing only has 1 photo.

Is there a way to force all of my images to appear in that top mobile gallery? I hate to think I’m losing sales because buyers only see that first image and don’t know to tap “Read More.”

Hi Jeff,

eBay only displays images in their own gallery which are hosted by eBay’s own picture service (EPS).
So you might want to select EPS in the GarageSale preferences>ImageServer
or - if you want to stay with GarageSale’s free image service or your own server - enable the “also upload to eBay, if free” checkbox .

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian! I tested this with both options and it does what I need. I appreciate your help.