GarageSale not updating to my Ebay store's New Pro preferences

So, I opened my first Ebay Store and had a 100 item limit which ended up being too few. I committed to a Pro store with 1000 item listing but I cannot get garagesale to notice so it will not post new auctions. I have refreshed both the tokens and Account details several times but still cannot post to Ebay. Got the thank you from eBay for the larger store but GS does not see it. Now what?

No response for anyone about fixing this? This has essentially frozen me out of any further listing. I thought about trashing the preference file and restarting GS but I don’t know which file and where it is located. Any help would be appreciated.

Never mind. I found out from Ebay that you have a 100 item limit on posts and this includes selling multiple of a single item. So having 50 of 1 item to sell in your quantities automatically limits you store posts by half. Needless to say I was unpleasantly surprised and got my selling limits raised but not by much. Wish there was someplace else to use garage sale as i like this program.

On top of that I upgraded to the Pro features because it said I would have quite a bit more free listings but what it did NOT say was that you are still limited to 100 listings per month. Don’t get Pro!

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