Garagesale pictures

i have used garagesale for years, i just bought a brand new mac and trying to set it up again.
before, on the other mac, i am able to take pictures with my camera, (i have a eye-fi wireless card) and it would automatically transfer the pictures right into the current auction template i was typing in… now the photos transfer to computer, just not in the current template, what am i missing? settings?


You might be mistaken. The closest thing to what you describe is GarageSale’s “Add Camera Image” command (in the Image menu), but it’s still a manual process. As far as I can recall there’s never been an fully automatic image import built into GarageSale.

hello! thanks for the reply… is there a way i can upload a video of me doing this, i snap my camera and within 10 seconds a picture drops into my current auction template… also the first picture it also makes it the gallery picture… i have used this for years, my mac it a 2007 27inch… its getting old, I’m still using it until this is set up, i am kinda confused as this was done in 2008-10… I’ve even upgraded my eyes card to the faster one… and it still works, i assume its a setting?

Sure. Use the “New Screen Recording” command in the QuickTime Player application. You should be able to drag the resulting video file into the text field of a new post on this website. If this doesn’t work for some reason, you could upload your video to dropbox and post the link here.