GarageSale "quits" before opening

Help! Many years of eBay listings that I suddenly can’t access. Program quits upon opening. I’ve rebooted my computer, but it’s been so long since I’ve installed this program, I don’t know how to uninstall and re-install.
Anyone have advice? First time I’ve ever had a problem like this.

There is a previous thread from a few days ago that explains details. We had fair warning some 2+ years ago that V7 would stop working when ebay API was updated. That just happened and now we have to upgrade to v9. I had to do this with over 2000 listing and so far pretty seamless. I have not lost any listings and everything seems to be in place. Good luck!

Thank you. How do I update it if I can’t even open it?

You’re welcome! You can download v9. It will provide you with a (I think) a 2 week trial. Upon installation it will ask you to import listings (choose yes). It’s really simple. Do not delete the old version, leave it in place. You can try it out and see if its for you. It still works after the trial (I think its 50 listings) or you can opt to buy a 50 listing/month code. I’ve been using it since V3 and love it! User friendly. Good luck!

Thank so much!!! I really appreciate your help.

You can run GS7 and still maintain your internet connection by installing Little Snitch on your Mac and disabling eBay’s API connection within Little Snitch.

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