GarageSale Scout 1.1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

Version 1.1 of GarageSale Scout, GarageSale’s companion app for creating listings drafts on your iPhone, is available for you from the iOS App Store.

The new version allows selecting multiple photos from the image picker at once.

Thanks for using GarageSale,

Haven’t tried it yet, but getting reading to scan a bunch of books to post. This will be a welcome upgrade! Thanks!! :+1:

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Love Scout. Great addition, thank you.

Some suggestions to make it faster. Maybe these are already there but I’m not doing it right?

  1. Automatically press OK after you barcode scan an item instead of having to press OK or CANCEL
    a. be able to scan another book right away, then another, then another, have it just pull up all the upc codes and come back to edit each with pictures.

  2. When you take a photo, have it automatically pick Use Photo, and not have to pick Retake or Use Photo, in order to move on to the next photo right away. + signal can automatically use Take Photo automatically instead of having to pick between Choose Exsisting Photo or Take Photo.

I guess what Im trying to get at is maybe make a fast track sequence mode where its to mass scan various UPC codes in a row, kinda like using ROV Bar Scanner, where you just press a button on the ROV and it scans the UPC and the software just registers it and can possibly look up the title by referencing Amazon’s upc database or ebays? I use ROV and Delicious Monster Library App to do this, Delicious Monster software uses Amazon’s UPC library when you scan a UPC.

ANYHOW, just suggestions. I love Scout as it is right now. It’s a great tool for GarageSale. Thanks ilja!

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Thanks for suggestions. There are not in there yet. I’ll added those to our list.

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