GarageSale Touch iPad app alternatives?

I have been using the iPad app for all my eBay listings. I find the interface so much easier for basic listings than the full GS app on my mac. Of course I am having the https issue, only to find out that Iwascoding has discontinued my app. Are there any alternatives? All I can find for a simple lister is to get an Auctiva membership and use their one page lister.

Is Touch ever going to be made again?


I have just found out the same! I use it all the time for all my listings. Would also be interested to hear of any alternatives… Help!

I have just emailed to say please don’t but am not sure that is going to help :slight_smile: I for one would be willing to pay for an upgraded version for my iPad (obviously nothing crazy) as it makes listing so much easier and quicker.

K :frowning:

Unfortunately we never sold more than a few hundred licenses for GarageSale touch over a couple of years. :frowning:

We have a vague plan to bring it back once we have added synching to GarageSale, but only for those people who subscribed to the synching service.

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