GarageSale V7.0 Beta 44 - Cosmetic Issues

These are lower priority items that need to be addressed prior to the formal release of GS7:

  1. Terminology inconsistency. Deleted Listings folder referred as Trash in prompts. “Are you sure you want to empty the trash? This will delete all items currently contained in the Trash folder.”
  2. When listing using GarageSale Launch Control, the Verify phase does not show progress like the subsequent Upload does. It only shows the estimated listing amounts when finished. It would be helpful to show the progress.
  3. After using the revise listings option, the counter at the bottom shows 0 or xx uploaded; e.g. should say 3 of 3 uploaded (or preferably 3 of 3 revised)
  4. The Event scheduler shows Launching XXX Listings… at the top of the window. This number seems to be random. Always much larger than items in the scheduler.
  5. When you re-list ended items it first duplicates them and moves the originals to trash. If the items you are listing are displayed in the selection pane, SOMETIMES after GS deletes the original templates both the original template and duplicates display although the originals are correctly in the Deleted Listings folder. Simply a display issue.

You are right. But given that we would need to address this issue for 5 different sections (listings, inventory, orders, scheduler, reports) and 4 different languages we have chosen to accept this inconstancy for this release.

That’s because the verify phase shown in the launch control window is a one step-process. We send your listing to eBay, and once we get a response GarageSale advances to the next phase. There simply are no sub-steps we could represent graphically.

Noted. We’ll take care of this.

That’s strange. Could you perhaps post a screenshot?

Thanks. We’ll try reproduce this one, and come up with a fix.