GarageSale7 verify

I tried to verify a template I imported fro old GS.
1/Error for image even though images in template
2/Error for immediate payment (only for BuyItNow) even though used BuyItNow

How did you add the image to the listing? Drag and drop from a file or media window, or some other method?

But you also have the starting bid enabled. We would have to do some research, but I assume eBay won’t let you activate “immediate payment” when also accepting bid.

1/ Drag and drop from a finder folder
2/ In EBay (and the old GS) immediate payment is allowed with both starting bid and BuyItNow - only applies to BuyItNow, not regular bids.

I couldn’t reproduce this one. Maybe a special series of actions is necessary to trigger the bug.

This one is fixed with Beta 17 now:

Both problems solver with beta 17 but…
new error with verify
says need expedited shipping w/get-it-fast
even though I specified USPS Express

This is a warning returned by eBay. It’s nothing we can control, but since it’s just a warning (yellow icon), it shouldn’t prevent you from listing.

Now I can’t figure out how to update listings from eBay.
I prepared 4 listings in old GS and started them.
Under listings I have a folder called Running with the criteria of "status is running"
Nothing shows up
If I select File>import>import from Ebay a window opens up but nothing shows.
Am I doing something wrong?