GarageSalePictureService: Wrong response ((null)). message


When starting the listing I’ve got the message: GarageSalePictureService: Wrong response ((null)).

I’m running GarageSale 44 (764) and can’t list, problems started after todays update.

Please help.

I’ve got valid GTC image option purchased for 6 months it is not visible in settings anymore:

Hi after using GS7 for 48 hours and uploading an auction at a time - I did 14 at once and now gett he same as Peter_w

here is my screen shot - or not it says it is too big :;( - but is identical message to Peter_w -

Imac with capitan 10.11.6 Beta running - GS7 been fine uploading till 20:30 uk time

all help etc

best wishes



can you confirm that these errors today still persist? I did some performance tweaks on the servers…


Hi Peter,

the GarageSale’s image service / GTC option is located in the
GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images

Regards, Kristian

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Hi Still able to start any auctions - same previously reported error - please advise strategy as got another load of auctions ready to start - can you backwards export to GS6 as a fix? thanks - Nigel

sorry unable to start auctions

This is what seems to be the problem? GS6 looks as it was in picture hosting preferences…

sorry here is the correct window - still unable to upload anything from GS7

Hi strummerman,

could you please have another try now? This issue should be related to the server, not the application.


different error now:(

This error is not related to our image server. This seems to be an eBay error. Do you have this checkbox enabled in the preferences?

just downloaded n using latest beta - still the same

so able to upload again - can you confirm should ebay box be ticked or not in above screen grab - thanks!

spoke too soon - I have to go out for a couple of hours - all help etc - best wishes - Nigel

If the “Internal Application error” doesn’t go away, you need to uncheck the “Also upload to eBay’s image server” setting in the preferences.

You will loose eBay’s thumbnail gallery this way, but it’s better than not being able to list at all.

Hi Guys,

Many thanks for all your help. I have listed yesterdays auction using GS6. GarageSale 7 works great today without any errors. In Preferences --> eBay pictures I have both boxes ticked + GarageSale’s free picture service.
I’m running GS7 on MacBook Air 2014 with 8GB ram and have occasional hiccups with beach ball and freezing for up to 1 minute but I can live with that :wink: