Getting a new computer. Do I need a family account now?

If i get a new computer to also work with Garage Sale what should I do? Do I have to repurchase GS? Should I get a family account?

Possible to share GS info between computers?

Hi miamiwax,

if more user in your household or firm want to use GarageSale, please consider upgrading to a family license:
If you click on the “GarageSale” menu item while holding the Option/alt key, you will get a menu item to upgrade to a family license

More details about our pricing:

Not so far but maybe as a new feature in the future. For now you can use GarageSale export/import commands from the File menu to share listings.

Regards, Kristian

Its for business purposes. I want multiple computers to work on the same ebay account. Will a family license allow me to do this?

Are there any details on how to use export/import commands? Have been a user for quite a few years now but have never used this feature.

You can use the same eBay account on the multiple Macs but you can’t keep your work synchronized (e.g. work on the same prepared listings) so far.

You just select one or more listings and select “Export Listings” from the “File” menu and save the listings, e.g. on your Dektop. You then transfer them to your other Mac. On your other Mac you select “Import > Import Listings” from GarageSale’s File menu to import the listings. That’s all :slight_smile:

Regards, Kristian

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