Getting GS7 Design Templates to Register on GS8

Hello again Paul & Ilja & iwascoding team. It’s probably time for us to come back to GS8 as from everything we have seen from basic usage & on the message boards it appears to be much more stable now. We are prepared to use it full time and transition back over from GS7 since that client is becoming so sluggish. My issue is once again getting our paid listing templates “COMPACT PRO” to be visible on GS8 again. We were originally participating in the beta of GS8 and you helped get these working from our GS7 purchase but I cannot recall how this was done. Just signed up for the monthly subscription to GS8 and any help would be appreciated so that we can start the listing work we do weekly. I can provide licenses from the previous purchases through messaging. Thanks as always, -Anthony

Hi Anthony,

the listing design you purchased is tied to the license name you use in GarageSale 7. In GarageSale 8 you’re using a different name for the subscription. That’s why your paid design from GS7 doesn’t work there yet.
We’ll need to adjust this in our system so you can use the design in GarageSale 8. Could you please contact our support directly?:

Thank you,

OK I emailed them. Thanks

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