Global Shipping Program & International Shipping Work Together?

I have not used the Global shipping program but do ship Internationally. I have my destination countries I ship to as well as excluded countries I don’t ship to checked in GS. I’m just wondering if I I also check the tab “use Global Shipping Program” if they will both work? For example, I don’t currently ship to Malaysia & a buyer wants me to. The Global Shipping Program does. So can I check that and have both shipping options work? I’ve had no problems shipping Int’l but mainly because I’ve avoided countries that are problematic. I would like to use both options i.e. GSP for the countries I don’t ship to, and other countries have me ship to if it’s on my included list.

I don’t really have an answer to your question, but my assumption is that Global Shipping has its on list of acceptable destination countries and will ignore the countries you specified in the international shipping.

Also, I’m not sure if you can combine eBay’s Global shipping and your own international shipping in a single listing.

I have heard more bad then good about the global shipping program - like stuff sitting around for a long time, automatically adding customs costs that may not apply, etc. I would do some googling before getting involved!

I only want to use GSP as another shipping “option” to the countries I don’t ship to. I have a buyer from Malaysia with good feedback who wants a fairly expensive vintage item. I’m not willing to take the chance shipping there myself. GSP does ship there, and I believe would protect me if something happens. Again, I’d like to offer two options for Int’l: ship myself to the countries I approve, GSP to the ones I don’t. I just don’t know if it’s possible to have both without GSP over-riding my other Int’l settings.