Green colored sold item

Hi, I have the color code chart from the manual (pictured), but it does not tell me why this sold item is highlighted in green instead of blue, as usual. My item was fixed price with immediate payment required, as usual. I clicked ‘download auction states’ attempting to change it but the color remains the same.

Green should indicate that the auctions is still running. Were you only selling a single item, or are you offering several items in a single listing?

Is it possible to get this color formatting in GarageSale7? I liked how the whole listing title was in color in GarageSale6.

Yes, I agree. GS 6 color formatting worked very well.

I also like the current color codes on GS6

I am new to Beta 7 and can’t figure out the color codes like the Gray ones, the transparent ones, obviously the green means sold. Not sure why you changed the colors wouldn’t it be smarter to leave them the way they were so the transition from 6 to 7 is easier?

Also, I noticed a mention of a manual for 7, can you direct me to it?

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Hi lenrapp,

to learn more about the GS7 icons please select “Show Icon Legend” from the “Help” menu in GarageSale.

Regards, Kristian

Sorry, the manual is still not done yet.