Group Folder Item Count

Using GarageSale Version 7.0.14b3 (831), macOS Version 10.12.6 (16G1212)

In GS6 the Group Folder item count shows all items in the total hierarchy
In GS7 the count is only shown for One (1) level deep

Please show the total number of items in the total hierarchy, or show BOTH the number One level deep AND the total items in the hierarchy?

Group Folder Item Count GS6

Group Folder Item Count GS7

I was thinking of raising the same issue but I noticed that the total count is visible in the right-hand pane. However, you are correct. If it is known for the RH pane then it should be added to the LH pane as well.

With the current architecture, recursively loading all subfolder and subsubfolders to compute the item count, would be far too slow, especially with folders containing several thousand items.

Maybe we can do some tweaking for GS 8.

OK. But… Clicking on a folder in the left side list immediately (almost instantaneously in less than 1 second) shows all 15476 items formatted in the middle list, with the total count at the top of the middle pane “Showing 15746 items, 1 selected”… So…the folder hierarchy must already be loaded and traversed in memory???

OK, no problem. Next version. More important things to work on right now… :slight_smile:

GS8. When is that due? First time I have heard it, although I am sure it has been posted previously.

Somewhen later this year… :wink:

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