GS 6.9.8 Not importing photos from Ebay

Our sole reason to buy GarageSale was to import all of our existing auctions from eBay so we could save them until eBay offered more free listings.

GarageSale does seem to import the listings. On our first import we had the “Reduce Image Size” preference on (this is the default preference unfortunately). So all of our images are too small for eBay. Useless.

When we turned off the Reduce Size option, Garage Sale still imported the small images for some auctions and no images at all for others!

I see that several folks have mentioned this in these forums without resolution.

Does Iwascoding answer here or solve problems?



This setting only applies to image files you are importing from your hard drive, not those imported from eBay.

Can you please post a link to a sample listing of yours?

I believe they are reading all the messages and are chiming in from time to time. :wink:

Thanks! Here is current listing:

As you see, the images on eBay are much larger than the 400x300 images that Garage Sale ends up with.

(low res 400x 300 example from GS here).

Actual image pulled from listing is 1280x980:


Thanks for the links. We’ll try to find a solution as quickly as possible.

I am also seeking a solution to this problem asap. GarageSale has become almost useless as a listing tool because of the inability to relist items that GarageSale/ebay says contain photos with edges of less than 500 pixels. The message does not identify which photos are too small. What should I be doing differently to correct this photo problem? How do I fix this without having to find, reconnect, and reupload every auction photo for every listing?
I am currently running GS 6.9.8b6 (631). I tried to upgrade to GS7, but couldn’t because my Mac runs OS X 10.9.5. It was disappointing to be excluded from using GS7. Thank you for your help.

What’s the source of these images? Have you downloaded them with “Import from My eBay” command?

Why don’t you just upgrade your Mac to 10.11? Or isn’t it supported by OS X 10.10 or 10.11 anymore?

I think some of the photos may have been imported from ebay. It was so long ago I don’t actually remember. Most of the photos originated off of various jump drives or computers. The images were all edited in iPhoto. Some photos were cropped, but all the photos were exported from iPhoto without any image reduction so none of the photos started out under 500px before being added to a GS template.

I tried reimporting some photos from ebay by removing the old template photos from the GS AuctionImages folder before I reimported the photos. However, the reimported photos and the thumbnails in the folder are still both the same, too small, size.

These are the settings I have for images in my preferences. The box for reducing photo size on import may have been checked originally, but it’s been unchecked a long time now and previously I had been able to relist my old auctions without a problem.

I probably unknowingly did something at some point handling the images in GS that got everything off track. I would appreciate some help figuring out how to fix things because the thought of trying to find, and reconnect, all the original images is overwhelming and in some cases impossible.

I haven’t upgraded to OS X 10.10 or 10.11 because all the applications that I use work and run well on 10.9.5. System upgrades hardly ever turn out to be the promised smooth transition for all applications and right now I don’t have the time to spend monkeying around trying to get everything working again. Although, the new version of GS has a lot of great improvements, I’m reluctant to go through the whole upgrade process just so I can get the newer version of GS.

Thanks again for your help!

The problem is that eBay’s API does not return the URL to the full size image. It only returns a small of in the area of 500x300 pixels. We did some creative hacking and guessing are guessing URL to the full size image, but that change so far is only in the GarageSale 7 betas. We are not sure it has stable enough to be back ported in the GS 6 branch.