GS 7.0.20 showing items as unlisted, not updating

Seem to be having similar problems to “Templates won’t update to sold (green) when sold on eBay still show active icon (blue)” posted on November 22.

I’m selling off stock (good til cancel) so do not use GarageSale on a daily basis. I had to run it today to check on an item I had just sold and noticed a lot of items in the Preview mode window for one of my smart groups were showing as not listed including the item I had just sold one unit of 4; i.e. price was in black when it should now be green and still active.

Other items were showing prices in black, some in blue and some that had previously sold were showing in green as expected. I clicked on one of the active (but no sales) items in blue and it just changed to black and when clicking on the three dots icon to relist/revise etc. revise was greyed out.

Also noticed that all the Listing in the lefthand margin were either black or green instead of blue. Selecting one of the black items and clicking on live preview took me to the live listing. Clicking Update listing does nothing.

Had a look at orders for the current month and none were showing even though I had sold a lot of stuff. Last recorded order is November 20 which date wise ties in with the previous poster.

I tried rebuilding the index but it has made no difference. It appears GarageSale is corrupt in some way and no longer tracking items or orders.

Running 7.0.20 on OSX 10.13. I cannot justify upgrading to v8 as I am not selling enough to warrant a monthly fee and the one-off 50 items per month limited is simply not enough.

Any help would be appreciated.

GS will tell you " If you’re still using the old GarageSale 7, you should at least use the latest version of it, version 7.0.21.
You can get it by clicking on the grey “Download Older Versions” field here:

GarageSale - Make your business on eBay

(you have to scroll down a bit)"

Only the last version is being supported with the latest Ebay updates.

Thanks, had not realised there was a later release as every time I check for new updates in the app it just tries to get me to upgrade to v8.

Have downloaded, installed 7.0.21 and rebuilt the index but no effect. Interestingly on the ‘about’ screen it says 156 live listings when in fact there about 180, all added through GS.

I clicked on another live listing with a blue price and as soon as I clicked on the three dots it switched to black. About now says 155 live listings.

Their next reply usually is “to refresh your ebay access token.”

Thanks again. Checked the access token and it was invalid though I never got a message warning me. I refreshed it and now when I click on ‘update listing’ it reverts to blue and all my missing orders have re-appeared.

Will make a note of this as I would never have sorted it out on my own.

Thanks for you speedy response…

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