GS 7.0.6 Reports error

I am trying to pull reports from Garage sale and i want to view:

Listing fees
Actual shipping cost

But when i pull the report both of these fields are blank

Could you help please?

Are the columns listed? Make sure the desired values you want to display are ‘checked’.
You have to manually enter actual shipping.
There is a time delay to view fees. See * at the bottom of the report.
Are the auctions you are reporting on in the trash folder?


So the actual postage data is not pulled from eBay ?

Postage data is pulled from eBay when downloading order data. But that data is only available from a limited time frame from eBay.

So is the actual postage data pulled ?

The way it works for me is: Shipping cost is from eBay. (Listed under shipping service used) You can not change this value.
Actual Shipping has a entry box, (a few lines down) where you enter the postage that you actually paid for.
Buyer pays the shipping from the listing, say $3.41, and when you buy the postage using the print label functions on eBay, they give you a discount. So maybe only $3.01 is actually withdrawn from your Paypal account for this items postage. You save $0.40. I enter $3.01 in the entry box provided.
However: the reporting system in GS does not figure this entry box value correctly.

Hope this clears it up.

I actually enter a value in ebay for “actual shipping cost”. So GC should be able to update this value from ebay?

“Actual shipping cost” is a field proprietary to GarageSale. You have to fill it it, because we don’t know what you actually paid in the post office. This field is not supported by eBay, so we cannot download this data from there.

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