GS 7.0.9 problem again.. what happened with the delete key

in GS 6 I could select the auction either from the side listing or the gallery view, and hit the 'Delete ’ key on the keyboard and it would be deleted…

now I do theme and all I get is a beep… I have the right click and mouse down to ‘delete’…

Why…? why change something that worked perfectly well… now that means scrolling and mousing for what was once simple.

Can we Please have it back. or make it an option for the preferences.


That’s a good point. No one else seems to have missed it so far. However, I put it on our to-do list and we’ll see what we can do to bring it back.

Regards, Kristian

I did note that the price not an item now appears on the item in the gallery view, which is what I ask for some time agor. but can we please also have a sort by price, low to high or visa vera…


Good idea. Maybe we can add this to a later version of GarageSale, we’ll see.

Regards, Kristian

I Miss it !


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Hi, I have just found by fortuitious accident a slight work around to Sort by price…
in the Gallery-list view I can sort by price, up or down… fantastic, but this is not reflected whenI return to Gallery icon view, or in the left side listings though… hint.

correction. something changed an the Gallery Icon view just started showing the icons sorted by price… (its a Miracle)
so only the Auction listing on the left don’t end up sorted.
regards, Sandy

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