GS 7 Hate You can't tell Image is Gallery Image anymore

Couple things I am really disliking about this release

  1. You can’t tell you have an image flagged as Gallery Image unless you right click on picture
  2. Color of fonts a lot more complex
  3. Much more difficult to edit components, now you have to copy component and then paste
    Before you were able to click them all modify the component, they all changed.

I am finding an increase in time to create auctions about 30% more time.
Some features are improvements
But the above are real failures.
I would wait before upgrading.


paste[quote=“sqshman, post:1, topic:1628”]

  1. You can’t tell you have an image flagged as Gallery Image unless you right click on picture

In Preview mode there should appear a yellow gallery icon over the image at the top left.
However, we’ll see if we can bring back the gallery icon to GarageSale’s Editor mode.

The Copy/paste component function is just a new feature. You can still bulk-edit selected items if that is your concern: Simply select all items in overview mode and make your changes for all of them at once in the Inspector.

Regards, Kristian

It used to be available on Editor Mode that is what I use. IT IS GONE. Preview mode doesn’t tell me anything.

The BULK EDIT DOES NOT WORK at all. I tried 30 times… Before realizing the only way that works is copy paste components. It used to be simple. Highlight all modify one and all changed.

Please take a look at the attached animation to learn how bulk changing now works:

This does not work for SHIPPING options

Maybe you are running into a specific bug, but in general bulk changing shipping settings works exactly the same. Please take a look at this animation where I bulk change the shipping service for two listings:

Seems to be working now

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The Gallery Image is really bad. Please contact me. I even tried to use the way stated and it is cumbersome. And even when you set it, it does not show selected unless you click on another auction, then click back on auction and the cursor over. HORRIBLE
Old version click on any auction and you immediately saw if gallery image was selected, no need to cursor over at all. Worked in both modes in old version. I prefer editor mode.

I recorded a vdeo so you can see the increased work it taks now. It was so simple to set and review. NOW THE FUNCTION IS HORRIBLE, even here trying to upload a 5mb file says limit is 8 yet wont let me upload…GEEZ

Are you using the Preview or the Editor mode in GarageSale?

Its nonexistent in Editor Mode which I use. I tried using Preview What a pain

Watch my video (4.96 MB)

The bad is new is that the change didn’t make it into the 7.0.3 release, as we initially thought it would.

The good news is, that here is a special build, which should reloads the preview each time you change the Gallery image:

Hope this one helps.

At least preview mode does help. Thanks for the special build.


I agree I am computer savvy and been using Garage Sale since day one, this upgrade has my production time slowed down and I am in the process of looking for another way to post. Time to say good bye it’s not user friendly and very hard to use/navigate even for someone who has been using it for years and is not a tech dummy. Sorry I upgraded wished I could downgrade !!! And it’s not a learning curve it’s errors that drive me nuts.

You can always downgrade to GarageSale 6 by clicking the “Download Older versions” link on our Downloads page here:

What errors have you been running into?

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