GS 7 Prefilled titles, bulk editing

I just upgraded to GS7 and I’m having a few problems:

  1. I can’t get the pre-filled titles to be filled. in V6 I would fill in stock info, select the correct version on ebay and the title would be filled in for me (without any extra pre-filled info).

  2. I can’t bulk edit any listings (before I upload). IE: I want to change the shipping cost on many items, so in v6 I would just select them all and edit shipping. Now when I do this, it only edits the top item.

How do I fix these? Both are very important time saving features to me.

You need to select the desired listings again in Overview mode. Please see the help here (and the animation):

Regards, Kristian

thanks, that worked for bulk editing but I’m not seeing how to do pre-filled titles?

I think we dropped that feature in GS 6, but I cannot recall why we did this. We’ll to figure out a way to add this feature back…

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