GS 8 beta testing?

I have been using GS for nearly a decade, starting with GS Basic around 2010. During that time, I have used GS for tens of thousands of listings, resulting in over $5 million in Ebay sales. Although I may not be an expert on all of the ins-and-outs of GS, I am an advanced user.

Ever since my business grew to the point where I needed employees, I have longed, dreamed, even fantasized about database synchronization. As it stands, my employees create draft listings, export them to me, I import, revise, and list. This works – sort of – but it is an incomplete solution.

I am simply delighted to hear that GS 8 will finally have this much-anticipated (and long-promised) feature.

Is there any chance I can get in on the beta testing? I believe that I beta tested a new GS version many years ago, and other than a few bugs, it was absolutely useable. If that is the state of GS 8 – useable but buggy – I would love to give it a try. And I promise to be a good Beta tester and provide feedback.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Thank you,

It would be well worth it for you. It is more than useable it is great. The team have recently sorted out some of the spinning beachball problems and up/downloading has really improved.

I know some of us have been hammering the GS Team a bit but they have done a wonderful job.


@holajonathan I have been testing synching for the last months. As far as I can tell, GS 8 app is perfectly usable (now I only use it and gave up with 7) and is much better than 7, but not yet for synch. In another thread, the team said they are still working with debugging and now I stopped testing while waiting a response from them. But I am sure they need other testers.
Personally I am waiting before totally relying on synch and I suggest you to give 8 a try separately from 7. Last months of testing (I will be totally sincere so none thinks I have an interest to say GS is wonderful…), I had some big issues with synching and if you are running a large business, synch bugs might give you some troubles and slow down the work. Anyway you can try it separately and in the meanwhile work as usual on GS 7 (7 and 8 have separated databases).
I would be glad to compare some thoughts about synch! It was another dream also for me and looking forward to let employee start working on a synched machine!!!

Hi Jonathan,

thank you for your interest! I will send you an invitation.

Regards, Kristian

As a user for over 10 years, we too will benefit from this amazing advancement in Garage Sale. Any chance i can get on the Beta as well? Thanks in advance.


I have inquired through customer service via email about joining the beta program. I was told to contact Ilja or Paul via the forum, but I am unable to message either (I am told that I am not permitted to send a direct message.)

I am also a long-time user, although I have not been able to use as much lately as I am working back-and-forth between two computers (my laptop and desktop) and there is no ability to sync or centrally locate the database. The information online says version 8 has a sync feature so I am very interested in it. I am familiar with beta programs as I have participated (and still do) in several and work in the technology industry.

Please let me know if you are willing to allow me the chance to test your software. Thank you.

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